Source Apportionment

About this website

What and why

This Website is a communication and dissemination tool targeted to air quality experts and authorities involved in air quality management interested in the output of source apportionment studies to develop air quality plans.

The aim of this Website is to facilitate the dissemination of information and data for and results from different source apportionment studies at all levels of application, including electronic interfaces, databases, workshops, seminars and common projects/activities.

One of the main features of the websites is the database SPECIEUROPE which contains valuable information to support source apportionments studies in Europe.

The European Reference Website for Source Apportionment is linked to the FAIRMODE WORKING GROUP 3 on Source Apportionment (lead by the JRC and co-lead by RSE).


The website includes some general sections open to all visitors:

  • About source apportionment: a brief description of source apportionment and the activities in this field coordinated by the JRC;
  • Downloads: provides access to scientific and technical information for modelers dealing with the identification of pollution sources such as reports, scientific papers, minutes and presentations of the workshops and technical meetings;
  • News and updates: announcement of relevant meetings and publications;
  • Contact us: includes details of the coordinator and a contact form to send e-mails via web;
  • Links: provides a lists of useful links on topics related to the subject;
  • SPECIEUROPE Database: repository of particulate matter (PM) source profiles available from the scientific literature and technical reports by public authorities or experts in the field. It includes both chemical profiles deriving from measurements at the source and source/factor profiles derived from source apportionment studies.

The following sections are accessible only to registered users:

  • Inter-laboratory comparison: a service under development to upload inter-laboratory comparison data;
  • Workshops: the agenda and presentations given during the workshops of the JRC initiative on Source Apportionment 2010-2013