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SPECIEUROPE is a repository of source profiles developed by the JRC in the framework of FAIRMODE WG3. The target users are source apportionment and emission experts working on the identification of atmospheric pollution sources in urban or background areas in Europe. In order maximize the compatibility with existing systems, the encoding of species in SPECIEUROPE is coherent with the one of the well-known US-EPA SPECIATE repository for north-American sources.

SPECIEUROPE contains particulate chemical profiles including organic and inorganic species deriving from both measurements of European sources and source apportionment studies carried out in Europe. This preliminary version contains ca. 200 profiles, out of which 150 from original measures at source, 13 composite profiles used in studies, 39 derived from source apportionment studies and 6 theoretical (from stoichiometric ratios). The profiles bibliography is available in the DB, so that original data can be recovered when published and/or the authors can be contacted. The DB is continuously updated by the JRC with the help of the users, whose support is very much welcomed (the list of collaborators is available in the credits section). The data distributed via this service can be used provided the source is mentioned.

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